2009/08/31: School has started. In August. What is the world coming to?

2009/06/13-20: I will be vacationing in Hawai’i.

2009/03/04: Happy Birthday Moufflets!

2009/03/03: 100 days left of school (weekends included)!

2009/01/26: Happy Chinese New Year! Year 4047 of the Ox.

2009/01/20: Inauguration Day. Turn on your TV.

2009/01/01: Happy New Year! Resolution check!

2008/12/19: Last day of school. Happy holidays!

2008/12/04: Stumbles page posted under Breadcrumbs..

2008/11/13: Great Southern California Shakeout – Always be prepared to drop and cover. The big one is coming.

2008/11/01: Daylight Saving Time – Move your day ahead an hour.

2008/10/25: “Do you use Sparknotes?” poll posted. Will run until November 25. Hurry up and vote!

2008/10/24: Look up. New header image posted.

2008/10/14: Finally completed housekeeping. However, due to some rather annoying side effects of importing posts from my old Blogspot post, there may be some broken links here and there. Please report them if you happen to stumble across any.

2008/10/09: Housekeeping is almost complete. However, due to the nature of importing my blog from its original home in Blogspot. some links that link to other blogs of my own may be broken because I’ve gone through and renamed a lot of pages. So if you happen to click on a broken link, let me know and I’ll fix the problem.

2008/10/09: Created the News page.


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  • 1. Aldehyde or Ketone  |  October 18, 2008 at 9:51 PM

    Do you feature guest posts?

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