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A New Chapter

Normally I would be fine being brain dead and anti-social all summer, playing video games, growing paler and letting myself degenerate in every way. Such is my life without school. But for the past four weeks, I have wandered between empty rooms, just as brain dead as always but noticeably sadder, because once you have tasted paradise, you can never go back. There is only forward.

First there was orientation. I was scared that because it was such a late (but incredibly not the last) session, I wouldn’t be able to get all the classes I wanted. But as we learn time and again, some mistakes were meant to be. I hope the friends I made out of a random encounter under a starry sky will stay with me for the next four years. Nor does it hurt that I got every class I wanted.

Right after a wonderful orientation, we went on a vacation in the Caribbean. I would take Los Angeles over Miami any day, but the cruise will be unforgettable. I made awesome new friends, but unfortunately even on the endless seas the sun has to set. Perhaps someday our paths will align again, but until then we still lie under the same night skies.

Today, however, the waiting ends. It is my last day at home before I move into my new home away from home at UCLA, and I cannot wait. I will always be thankful for the friends, family, and mentors that have brought be down this path, and all the mistakes that led up to this point.

Let it begin!

*apparently this is my 150th post


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