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Smart Phones, Dumb People

People do stupid things on Facebook, like post pictures of themselves getting wasted, starting chain notes, forcing themselves to make up something they like about people they don’t like who liked their status that said “Like this status and I will tell you something I like about you” (classic example of how the more popular you are, the stupider you are because that means you’ll have to make something up for everyone who thinks they have to pretend know you), and last but far from least, making events that say “New iPhone, numbers please.”

Unless they are just trying to brag about their new Glamorphone, which is insensitive because I don’t even have a phone, this is stupid on a number of levels.

First of all, welcome to the 21st century. Phones today have Bluetooth. Don’t tell me I have to suffer my mom’s constant lectures about how all this radiation crap is going to kill me for nothing. Is it that hard to transfer your contacts? My goodness, here you are preaching about Apple, and for all its proprietary holier-than-thou philosophy, Apple at least can back of its claim that all of its products work together, use an address book or something to sync.

I mean, even if you had to input every number from your old phone by hand, it’s the same effort as copying all of them off the computer. So while you think you’re being lazy, you’re actually just being stupid. The genuinely lazy people (like myself) find efficient shortcuts.

This post could use some touching up, but I’ve finally gotten a post out after 2 months. Moufflets is back for the moment.


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