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Making My Mark

In elementary school, nobody cared about our signatures. To the grown-up world, it didn’t mean anything and it wasn’t worth anything. It’s sorta like “Click here to agree to these terms and conditions.” I’m pretty sure those EULAs wouldn’t hold up in a court of common sense. I mean who actually reads them? Not even the lawyers I bet.

But now that we’re in high school, we have to sign every last thing. Even those stupid syllabuses all the teachers make up just for the hell of it. And then expect us to refer back to it for some final project we’ll forget about by … finals.

But to sign things, we have to make up a signature in the first place. Unfortunately, my name is rather boring. I have no fancy “y”s or “g”s or capital “L”s to end with a flourish. Half of the letters look exactly the same once you combine the inherently messy nature of signatures with my degenerative handwriting. When I see other people’s flowery sig’s with two-inch long streamers, I burn with jealously. I mean, I don’t even have any “t”s or “f”s to dash, nor an “i” or “j” to dot. Some how, my name only is cursed with the most boring combination of vowels and consonants. I mean seriously, each letter in my first name is worth exactly 1 pt each in Scrabble. Even “Bob” has a net worth higher than mine. And it has fewer letters too!

Granted, my name trumps yours any day, but it would be nice if it looked the part. I suppose I shouldn’t complain though. \I mean take a look at Ariel here. We sign our lives away everyday, but at least it’s not that painful.

By the way, knowing how to forge your parent’s signature is Good Bad Student 101. I mean, it’s okay if your parents are okay with w/e you’re signing, right? I have no idea how some people make it through 12 years of school without learning how.


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