Ramblings No.003

April 2, 2010 at 9:57 PM 1 comment

Okay I’m gonna stop bothering with the apologies, since I assume you all understand why I can’t post.

So, what’s up? Chemistry is getting inexplicably harder. Must be because we’re getting tested for paranoia level. I think my teacher hired a lawyer to write the tests. Only they can manage to make the questions (and answers) so befuddling. I’m certain actual AP questions are a little more straightforward. Also, mysterious points are disappearing at a rate that would make accountants go crazy. Oops, you forgot a unit there. How about writing your period number, something redundant since we’re all associated with a hotel room. I’m in period five, and my number happen to be 509. Finally, my labs are going down the drain like so much sink-safe chemicals, all because I’m never there at lunch to normalize my answers with everybody else. First semester was so easy. Oh how the mighty have fallen.

I’ve also picked up on a few paradoxes for you guys. ASB wants us to help with their weekly recycling. Here’s their pitch: “Come help us recycle! You get hours for them, and the more people who come, the faster it goes.” Also, this one organization I’m applying for has an anonymous paper application round, so anything you put that might identify yourself results in a disqualification. One question on the application asks you to tell them what sets you apart from other applicants. Who said being average is bad?

And for all you people who cite legitimate and pathetic excuses (like going to church on Friday as if you didn’t waste enough time on Sundays) to not go to cancer club’s comedy show, I thought you learned your lesson last year. Like then, this year’s was AWESOME. Even middle schoolers know better. I’ll see you at Relay for Life, where you’ll probably be with some random club that whimsically decided to participate for the heck of it instead of actually joining the cancer club.

Funerals. Religious aspects, whatever, I suppose I can respect if I really tried. But if the deceased wasn’t religious at all, don’t impose one upon him. And if you still must, don’t make it Buddhist. Especially if it’s suggested by some random fanatic (see camera pimp). It’s really pathetic to have an entirely family bullied by someone who’s just an in-law. And if you do, don’t expect me to stay awake all through the several half hour-plus sessions of chanting that:

  1. means nothing to me because I can’t understand it
  2. probably means nothing to the monks, who are
    • capitalistic (don’t even get me started on this)
    • can’t understand it because it probably hasn’t survived the translation from Hindu or w/e
  3. means nothing to the deceased, who isn’t religious at all and probably can’t understand it
  4. occurs approximately during 1st and 6th period, my most lethargic periods of time.

You know you’re bored when you realize that it’s in 4/4 time. They could have gone 2/2 time and cut straight to the coda after awhile, and nobody (not even that crazy woman who suggested it), would know the better. I may never have been close to him, but I can respect the man. Perhaps I shouldn’t have nodded off, but that’s the result of being a junior and listening to droning that guarantees rest, although perhaps not peacefully.


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2nd Anniversary Abrupt Endings

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  • 1. Arctan  |  April 3, 2010 at 12:11 PM

    your ramblings seem pretty fluent… must have meaning to it then…

    hey… i heard you have some chemistry with some girls…

    maybe your handwriting is bad, so write like them…


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