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Yes I know I haven’t blogged for over a month. I probably shouldn’t be blogging right now, seeing as I have to cram for a violin CM that I’ve only learned the music for and to say nothing of the fact that I know nothing about theory since I took it last year. At any rate, on to the posts I’ve resolved to write but haven’t gone through with.

Printers. A while ago I accidentally left a tiny zip lock bag in my printer tray. Naturally, Murphy’s Law kicked in and then next time I needed to print, which of course had to be for AP English, the printer bit off more than it could chew, suffered a severe case of indigestion, attempting to print on a piece of paper and the bag at the same time. The Heimlich maneuver didn’t work, and initial attempts to pull out the jam from either end of the tract didn’t work.

Time was running out. What if the printer was permanently dead? My poor grade! So I rushed it to surgery. I had the most qualified specialist working on it: my brother. Ever since he was a wee little troublemaker he’s been an expert at taking things apart, more often than not irreversibly.

But it seems that my brother had met his match. The printer, an HP P1006 Laserjet, was built like a tank. I think the screws were merely for decoration; we took off every single one we could stick a screwdriver into, but the printer still wouldn’t come apart. Even after prying off part of the chassis, the pieces were so interlocked that we couldn’t remove anything. Talk about quality manufacturing.

The end was rather anti-climatic, though. My brother set aside the pathetic tweezers for some pliers and finally managed to yank it out.


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