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My New Laptop

Forgive the stale post title, and while you’re at it, forgive my absence. I’ve been too busy playing all the video games I missed since 2005 with my new laptop, a Lenovo Ideapad Y550. I’d compliment it, but all the pros were expected, and since I’ve created the habit of complaining on Moufflets, I figured I might as well gripe. But don’t worry, I’m not as miserable as I seem.

My first gripe is the screen. Having been spoiled by a 1680×1050 display on my old laptop, my new 1366×768 has far too few pixels. I can no longer work two windows side by side. Therefore, I having to minimize all my other windows. The problem is further compounded because Windows 7 groups all windows of the same program, so before I know it I have 20 Windows Explorer windows open, half of which are repeats of each other. But that’s my fault, I suppose.

Lenovo also left out the crucial set of media buttons (play/pause, next, etc.). Luckily, this was partly remedied by remapping some useless buttons, because who needs a button dedicated to switching to movie brightness and opening Dolby sound manager (to manage some mute subwoofer Lenovo insists is there) Instead, they installed something they call SlideNav, which is this touch-sensitive bar that you can use to select applications. While cool at first, it leaves two rather annoying white LEDs, and using it requires leaving a smudge on the glossy surface.

The USB port placement is also terrible. Never, EVER place something like USBs (although they could add another one, since 3 isn’t nearly enough) at the front end of the computer. My mice constantly gets tangled in its own wire, although I admit I ought to get a wireless one to make use of my Bluetooth. Finally, they could have added a Firewire interface. One last gripe: the proper order for ‘Ctrl’ and ‘Fn’ is’ Ctrl’ on the outside. There are standards in this world (that includes you, Apple).

Other gripes: I liked my old touchpad better (so what if this one is multi-touch), and this one seems to collect one like crazy, but maybe I notice because it’s glossy and it’s black.

Because praising stuff isn’t half as fun, you decide:

  • 15.6″ WLED Display (1366×768)
  • Intel Core 2 Duo P8700 2.53GHz
  • 4GB DDR3 Memory
  • Nvidia GT240M

The laptop also comes with a camera, so now I have proof that my brother and father do not look like me: they couldn’t log in using face recognition. =]


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