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the Moufflet Touch

Yesterday, and we had to make silver out of lead. Just kidding. I’m taking chemistry, not alchemy. The teacher threw a whole bunch of chemicals at us and told us to make 1.00g of Ag.

This involved playing with silver nitrate (AgNO3), and the damned stuff dissolved colorlessly into water, and since we figured bad stuff like snakes, butterflies, and bubblegum Smarties were always obnoxiously colored, this couldn’t hurt.

Now, as I discovered last night in the shower after frantically scrubbing, scraping, poking, and picking, I now have some permanent marks on my hand:

Of course, maybe there were directions on the bottle, maybe there wasn’t, but the sneaky stuff according to Wikipedia “will not produce immediate or even any side effects other than” stains. Unless you have a higher exposure, in which case you might develop argyria, where your organs turn and skin turn blue-gray, perfect if you care are Nightcrawler. At any rate, my hand is going to stay this way until I get a new layer of skin. Sometimes I wish we molted.

Whoever thinks having fingertips of precious metals is great is very wrong. King Midas learned his lesson, but at least he was able to wash his curse away in a river.


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Moon Fever Breaks

Most of the time, the hits I get here on Moufflets can be seen as miserable. On a good day, I might get around 50. It went up to about a hundred during that WordPress Logo contest last month.

However, starting November 17, things started to get a little hectic, not that I didn’t mind the traffic (too bad I didn’t get AdSense or anything). All of a sudden it went BOOM! from 32 to over 300 views a day.

When it first happened, I was like “Wow, if only our economy looked like that (that’s before the drop at the end).” Then I started when I checked out the details, I was surprised to find that Twilight happened to be behind all of this. Then I was confused. I thought, there must have been some serious Twihards out there. As great as my blog is, they’d have to search pretty deep to get to my link. What’s even more interesting was that the only post I have regarding Twilight was a rather critical one. After taking a moment to flatter myself that my writing was so great, my research revealed that they were only after the Twilight poster I had on (I suppose I should be sorry for stealing hits from the site I stole the picture from), but at any rate, I took that picture using Google Images. For some reason, these people were using AOL, which I find hard to believe is still alive but for AIM.

Check out the same graph with some overlays:

If you imagine that these statistics are somehow (perhaps not) related to box office sales, you get some interesting results:

  • 11/20: New Moon opens. Fans lucky enough to kill for a ticket stop looking for pictures long enough to watch the premiere.
  • 11/26: Thanksgiving. Apparently, there are still some values left in this world because people actually forego picture hunting (and maybe movie watching) to spend a day with their families.
  • 11/27: Day after Thanksgiving. People are sleeping off the food so they can’t do anything with Twilight (except maybe dream). Of course, nobody notices that that’s the day there’s a real new moon, as in the lack of a moon.
  • 12/05: New Moon’s 15 days of fame are up. Blind Sides beats the Twilight sequel in the box office. Accordingly, picture searching drops. I guess the greater they are, the harder they fall. Not that Twilight’s great or anything.
  • For some reason, views are higher on Sunday. I thought people wasted time in churches, not looking for pictures, but I digress.
  • The scale goes from 128 to 256 to 384 to 512 to 640. Anyone else find this interesting?

And just for the heck of it, here’s a New Moon poster. Let’s see what happens next year. =]

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