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September 8, 2009 at 6:29 PM 1 comment

So I just wasted 14 minutes of my life listening to Obama’s speech and slightly less waste another 13 to listening to CNN’s Blogger Bunch (pronounced “Blo-ger Bunch”) in response.

I’d like to start off with the obvious: Obama is boring. Nothing new to hear. Not even much in the way of rhetoric it seems. I mean, in this day and age, it’s all about entertainment. The kids who were “forced” to listen to it probably dozed off by minute three.

I don’t see what was so controversial about it, either. I hoped it would be controversial. That would mean that it would be a bit more interesting.

Of course, the real concern out there seems to be the fact that the government is bypassing the parents and going straight to our children. Oh, please. They’re forgetting the real issue here: the children.

“Boo hoo. The President shouldn’t get to tell our children what to do,” say the parents and schools. Look who’s talking. What kid doesn’t feel betrayed when the schools send report cards straight home to the parents? They’re our grades. We should be the ones who decide who gets to see them. Afterall, as the teachers say, we weren’t given the grades, we earned the grades. The school shouldn’t forget that if it we students went on strike, they wouldn’t get paid.

Speaking of strikes, how come we don’t get student unions? Everyone else has unions. Don’t we count as a career? Every time I have to register for something online, I’m always asked for my occupation. And there just so happens to be one called “Students.” The closest thing we have to union is a student government. Certainly isn’t a chance for the student body to experience the democratic republic that the US has. I don’t remember voting for any legislation. We don’t even have a Congress. All I did was vote for the people who happened to be my friends, had other friends, had a golden voice, and wanted a ticket to college (or at least a nice little name tag). I think the only reason why schools have ASBs is so that they don’t have to hire anyone to plan and decorate our parties and assemblies. Which also reminds me of the days long gone when people ran platforms pledging to get more holidays and free ice cream. The ice cream part comes true once in a while if you wear a spirit shirt, but we never did get those days off.

Anyways, the next best of the worst things after ASB is the PTSA (which is really the PTA. The ‘S’ is just to be politically correct), which was formed as a way to for Parents and Teachers to form a conspiracy against the student, usually in the form of conferences, which once again brings me back to the whole bypassing controversy. How are parent teacher conferences arranged? Usually by phone. And there’s no third line for, again, the oppressed student to veto the meeting. So much for the separation of powers.

Wow. I’m pretty disillusioned.

Update 2009/09/10

I stand corrected. We do have a House of Representatives. But the fact that it slipped my mind shows how obscure and pointless it is. We vote for someone who itches to get out of our 4th period home room class to get out and essentially become a human bulletin board once a month. Why in the world is our homeroom 4th period? Everything happens during third. Besides, my 4th period always sucks.


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Now that was fun au Naturel

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  • 1. Doo Doo  |  September 8, 2009 at 8:34 PM

    Good stuff…

    I feel the same way about ASB…

    besides… the speech wasnt really for you… It was for the people who dont care about education… you care about education… i know you do…

    did the school show it? if not, i understand because our school is ultra competitive, and everyone wants to do well….

    by the way, a student introduced Obama to the podium and before that student was done with his speech, a girl was already texting….


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