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Every year, our school district has a March concert for the symphony orchestras of our high school and three middle schools.

The greenish middle schoolers from the north have a habit of forgetting the “symphony” part of their orchestras for whatever reason, but that’s still okay.

The ragamuffin middle school in the middle however, have never failed to bring a rock band to a classical concert, keyword being classical.

Drum sets are fine. They’re part of the percussion. Movie music is also fine. Electric bass is fine. But an outright guitar? Not cool.

Nor are singers, like they had last night. What a way to out do themselves. The singers dressed like hookers, and we could not hear them, not over that obnoxious wannabe real-life Guitar Hero playing at max volume, on top of a drummer seemingly intent on breaking his drum set. I don’t know about the band, but those of us who joined orchestra probably did not plan on losing their ear drums before writing a few symphonies at the age of thirty.

A few years ago, they even brought in a harpist. We don’t know what for, because she more or less sat there in center stage, not really doing anything. Nothing that I could hear, at any rate. The point seemed to be, “Hey, look, we have someone who owns a harp.” Owning a harp and playing a harp are two different things. But I remember that they still brought the guitars.

The concert is for orchestras, not rock bands with an extra-large string complement. And if you absolutely can’t leave out those singers, at least have them sing opera. It’s not much better, but at least it’s classical.

No Guitars Allowed


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