Cafeteria Klutzes

February 11, 2009 at 10:38 PM 2 comments

Whoever runs the school cafeterias must have an IQ equal to the amount of seasoning they place on their French fries, which is next to none, one of my friends pointed out.

The cafeteria have made some very dumb actions over the last the year.

First, they had this little experiment with water. Originally, they served the little half-pint bottles of water that had the CRV equivalent to a normal bottle of water, despite the smaller size.

It was all well and fine, and the school made a pile out of recycling the bottles, but then the cafeteria decided to go and try out a new method of water distribution: water in a bag!

It looked something like this:

Water in a bag! Photo from Survival Supply.

Actually, I stand corrected. This wasn’t new. Several years back when I was in elementary school they also tried milk in bag. In order to drink from one of these polymer nuisances, sometimes called a “pillow pack”, you had to take a straw and stab the bag while applying pressure with your other hand.

Unfortunately, most kids are not that adept at following directions, and there were more than a few occasions where an incorrect attempt to insert a straw ended up in a spreading puddle of milk/water. Alternatively, there were some kids who are simply immature, and started a “pillow” fight, and ended up being a water balloon fight.

Next, the school decided to modernize the relatively simple process of collecting an over-priced $4.50 in exchange for a lunch. So they brought in these restaurant-style touch-screen registers and made everyone enter their student ID’s. However, as with all technologies, there is a learning curve required for these things, and so the lunch lines grew longer as the cashiers scratched their heads and wondered which button to poke. This was the one time that I hated technology.

For strike three, the school decided to introduce boxes of Sun-maid Raisins. Once again, the school underestimated the immaturity of certain students: California hand-picked, sun-dried grapes filled the air and the bottom of our soles became covered in mushed raisins.

Everything has its consequences, including food. Even cafeterias have to think before they serve.


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  • 1. thumbbook  |  February 11, 2009 at 11:34 PM

    Water in a bag…makes me think about hospitals and IV tubes…yikes!

  • 2. Strike Two  |  February 12, 2009 at 8:17 PM

    Milk cartons are still the most eco-friendly. Although they require trees and deforestation contributes to global warming, making plastic emits some form of an ozone killer.

    I am also frustrated with technology. As of today, your server has crashed three times on me. The previous post was supposed to have a comment by me.

    Why dont you get your own space? For the cost of one lunch, you could get 1 month of blog by skipping 1 lunch each month.


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