1980 Paradise

November 27, 2008 at 12:57 PM 1 comment

Historians say that the best time to live in the ancient times was during the period known as the pax romana, or Roman peace.

Of course, I wouldn’t want to live in a time where they didn’t even have flushing toilets, much less electricity and all that other good stuff.

In today’s society, it’s not too much of a happy place, with the Iraq war and econmical recession and what not.

Obviously, we wouldn’t want to go back any earlier than the industrial Revolution, because of lack of aforementioned toilets.

The nineteenth century had the Civil War, and the early twentieth brough World War I. Then comes the Great Depression and World War II, which isn’t all that pleasant, either. After came the Cold War, and along with it, the great big mess of the Vietnam War.

But twenty years ago, now that’s the best time to have been born. We’d just gotten into space, and the Soviets were crumbling away and the Cold War was just about over and we didn’t have to worry about some terrorists or North Koreans holding on to some nukes. Granted, we didn’t have all these wonderful computers and Xbox’s and everything, but at least there was still the television.

But it gets better. Since society still had fairly low standards, and the Ivy League wasn’t up to the point of rejecting perfect SAT scores (not to mention no essay section), getting into one of them wasn’t bound to be that hard.

After that, a good job comes easily (Ivy League graduate, after all) and then the Y2K happens and computers start popping up as technology exponentially advances. Only we’ll already have a well-paying job where the American dollar is still worth something more than Canadian, and own a house, a car, etc. and won’t have to beg our parents to by us a new laptop or game console. Heck, we might even invent a couple things ourselves!

So all things considered, the 1980’s was the best time to have been born. We make money just in time for the gadgets to come along and we don’t have to deal with 99% rejection rate schools and high house prices and war or lack of plumbing.


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  • 1. I like IKE. Do you?  |  November 30, 2008 at 5:48 PM

    Getting into ivy leagues is not as hard as you make it seem. You just need to follow these steps.

    1. Maintain high GPA
    2. Get on Jeopardy
    3. Create the next great website
    4. Win an emmy
    5. Get involved with politics
    6. Get on CNN or the news
    7. Join an academic team and do not get 16th place (thats an unlucky number)
    8. Blog for yahoo
    9. Find a way to make time
    10. Host a webshow
    11. Do not drink or use drugs
    12. Do not get sick so often
    13. Meditate
    14. Do not rape someone
    15. Get a good SAT score
    16, Do not get into fights
    17. Join science fair
    18. Find a solution to Global Warming
    19. Meet President-elect Obama
    20. Complete the above before you are 17.

    If you complete the above, you wont need to go to school. You’ll make a living off endorsements. You could even play games for 56 years and then retire to play more games.


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