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August 31, 2008 at 10:14 PM 1 comment

A lot of things have happened during my six days of music camp, not all of it having to do with making a “box of wood vibrate”.

Let’s start with the bathrooms.

Very interesting conversations occur in the restroom. While on the toilets, some guys will play a game known as “Would you Rather…”, usually comparing girls and discussing their pros and cons.

Furthermore, while in the shower, men are not so manly. I was sitting in my cabin one night, and all of a sudden, hysterical screaming erupts and two juniors run out of the shower room – one with a toothbrush in his mouth and one with only his boxers on (nothing to worry, since as one guy said, also in the shower, “most guy’s boxers are longer than most girl’s shorts”).

“Oh my god!” “AHHHH!” “AHHH!” “AHHHHH!”

Naturally, we all ask what happens.

“There’s a fricken huge lizard in there!” Turns out, the lizard isn’t all that big, but they freak out anyways. The three guys are in the showers are standing half in and half out, trying to kill the thing. One attempts to give the thing poisoning by covering it with his shampoo. Every time the lizard moves, they jump and scream! Sometime later, they finally killed it, and left it in two pieces under a trash can.

Then there was more faux-homosexuality, with several peeking-toms in the showers and some in the cabins.

Also, we experienced some aromatic issues at camp. When you spend your entire day in your shoes in an unbelievably dusty environment, things tend to start smelling.

However, some people forgot to pack some air-freshener, so they resorted to what they thought was the next best thing: Axe.

Now Axe is a type of deodorant advertised as some kind of spray-on love charm that will attract women. However, the majority of women do not like the smell of Axe, nor do a large number of men. Axe used as an air-freshener results in a smell quite similar to Axe+__odor__, which will become quite unbearable. In the case of Axe+flatulence, not only will the smell be unbearable, it will in fact become quite lethal. You wouldn’t want to do anything that might cause a spark anywhere near the scene of the smell.

Pranks. I would love to say that I have amazing and sadistic prank stories to tell, but I sadly I have none, partly because I’m not a senior yet and because I’m just so nice. The only thing I did was help duct tape some freshies’ stuff to the ceiling. So sorry folks.

Foosball. We have become addicted to foosball over the course of several days. We wake up to foosball, we have foosball for lunch, and we have foosball for dinner. Can’t get enough of it. And please, no spinning – for the sake of the table at the very least.

Feet. Don’t forget to bring your own masseuse. Standing takes a lot out of you, and sitting crosslegged is one of the most awkward positions in the world. And band thinks that just because they have march they work harder.

That’s it for now. Check back soon for more, maybe…


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A Dose of Drama Negligence or Otherwise

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  • 1. paulynn(:  |  September 12, 2008 at 5:14 PM

    you are so into this stuff huh.


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