What Time is It?

July 9, 2008 at 3:54 AM Leave a comment

I’ve never imagined at a history class could possibly turn into a class on philosophy. I mean sure, we’re studying the Development of Western Civilization, which includes the Greeks, but philosophy? That was a surprise.

So anyways, we started talking about time. What is time? At first we were like, what kind of a question is that? And as we thought about it, we realized that we couldn’t quite describe time. Feel free to try it yourself.

Then we went on a tangent for a little bit, discussing Einstein and Faster Than Light travel and its implications on time. As one student put it, “So I’m like ten and I do that travel thingy and then I come back I’m twenty and everyone’s dead?” I guess so.

Back onto the subject of time, we started asking other questions. What is the past? Does the past exist? Is it only a perception of the mind? If it is, does the past exist say, on Pluto, seeing as there are no humans there? What about the future? Does the future exist? Is it preplanned?

Question after question. “The unanswered life is not worth living.” Maybe so, but sometimes I think people ask one too many questions.


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