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Final Destination

I have been cheating death, I think.

First, there was that 5.4 earthquake here in southern California.

Following the earthquake, the school found a gas leak. Apparently, our class somehow missed the call to evacuate the buildings and move to the field. I think it was because some very heated discussion about Christian Bale or Bail what’s his face and whether or not he was bad man for abusing his mom and sister. Whatever the case, it really brought out the rage from the girls.

Then when I was riding home, I somehow found myself in front of my bike. Thing was, I didn’t get there in the orthodox way, such as by getting off the bike and walking around. Instead, I somehow gone over my handlebars, crashing into more or less everything along the way. In the end, my groin felt like the Balls of Fury. I walked for a block before daring to get back on the bike.

Later, during tennis, I almost tore my pink off with my watch in some clumsy maneuver and gave myself a dead leg while serving.

Today was definitely not a good day.


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So yesterday I went to the the theater to watch WALL-E with my cousins, neighbor, and brother.

According to a friend who quoted another person, “WALL-E is cute but has no plot.”

I beg to differ, at least from the second part. WALL-E was “cute”, and there were some pretty hilarious moments where you can’t help but laugh.

However, there’s something deeper to the movie than just it’s spectacular graphics and animation.
Perhaps the movie will lend some thought to attempting to save the Earth’s environment. It might just happen – our world will be filled with mountains of junk. In WALL-E, the entire Earth is surrounded by a perpetual layer of assorted space junk. So pick up your trash.

Then there’s the question of obesity. In the future, everyone is fat. They can’t get around anywhere without going in an automatic, motorized comfort chair. Even babies start their lives in hovercribs. All they have to do to get something to eat is snap their hands and some robot will deliver. They don’t even know that their luxury space liner has a running track. In fact, their jaw muscles are probably not much stronger than their hearts. No chewing involved when your cupcakes come in cup.

Not only are they fat, but they are illiterate. If they want something defined, it has to be by pictures and video clips. All instructions are accompanied by graphics. And when it comes to the point where an Earthling doesn’t even know what Earth is, then … well, I don’t really know what to say – I’ve already used up Bush’s No Child Left Behind act once, so I’ll just stick with the classic “all hope is lost”.

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Jack of All Trades

Some people might consider me talented. I can cave paint and play the violin. I can also play tennis and achieve a decent mile time. I can sometimes pull of an A without studying. Give me a computer and I could find my way around it, virtually or otherwise, and I can write a blog.

But while I perform all of these things, and possibly perform some of them well, I am not extremely good at any of them. I’m never going to be a Monet or van Gogh, even after I’ve died, whether by suicide or otherwise. My musical skills are probably never going to be among the likes of Mozart or Beethoven. My tennis skills are inconsistent at best, and my mile time isn’t exactly enough evidence of a star athlete in the making. Heck, my grades don’t even live up to the lowest standards of Asians, especially in math. I may know computers well, but when it comes down to the nuts and bolts I’m clueless. As for my blog, well, you be the judge, but my page views don’t skyrocket*, nor can I make a living off of it.

According to my mom, I need to find something I like and be good at it, because colleges don’t want a well-rounded person. Apparently, they want someone with a rounded bottom and pointy tip, although more than one tip doesn’t hurt. I suppose if I really tried I could become the equivalent of a Jack-in-the-Box.

Rounded with a tip.

But being as lazy, although the preferred term is efficient, as I am, it’s really hard for me to put effort into something. Nor can I really choose which area because I all like them equally – which can be alot if I’m doing well, or not very much if I’m not doing well. It fluctuates a lot with me. I also have a time devotion issue. I like to play the violin, but after playing everything once, twice, or thrice through, I get bored and no longer want to play it for the day – so where as I should practice for an hour, I get in twenty minutes, or if I’m really diligent thirty minutes.

I really got to shape up. When I’ll do it, I don’t have the answers – ask yourselves.

*According to Google Analytics, my highest visits for a single day was 19 visits.

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System Error

This is most disturbing news. So we got a new computer, right? Only the computer went to my brother. My little brother. I believed that this was blasphemy, so I proceeded to initiate Plan A – convince my parents that I should get the laptop.

The reasons ranged from needing the processing speed to photoshop some of our less glamorous pictures from Canada, the post of which I must still complete to being able to compile tiny Java source codes two milliseconds faster for school. My current computer has a history of crashing – just because it isn’t screwed up right now doesn’t mean it won’t crash again. And since I’m taking a computer programming class – I can’t afford to let it crash.

I can use the computer to its fullest potential – believe me, I will.

My brother will more likely get a virus on his computer.

Also, I’m the older brother. I should get the best things first. Some people may argue against that, but hey, that age old tradition (why break it?) works out for me. You’re not supposed to die faster for nothing, right?

Then I tried working on pity. I told my mom, “You kept emailing me about whether we should get this or get that … you lead me to believe that I was going to get the computer, but you let me down. *tear.” “And I’m also feeling discouraged right now.” (She said she got it for him to ‘encourage him’.)

Righteousness. Everything my brother uses is mine. MINE MINE MINE. All his games, all his limited computer skills – MINE! And he doesn’t think he owes me a thing! I may be selfish, but that’s natural. Ingrates should not be rewarded!

But despite a compilation that would have done a Speech and Debater proud, still no go. Time for Plan B – a little exercise in economics.

So I decided to withhold until further notice all my software. At first, that thankless wench wouldn’t even let me uninstall MY software. But he changed his mind after a short lesson in one-sided wrestling, if you know what I mean. But dang, his teeth were getting a bit long. I think he needs to cut them.

That’s not even the end of it, though. As soon as I uninstalled the things, the persona non grata takes the new laptop and downloads a game I just installed from the Internet. I knew I should I have neutralized that threat, first. What an ass. Knowledge apparently is power.

So feel free to judge me, but first ask yourself if you can resist new technology. I sure as heck can’t, and my conscience ain’t telling me a thing. Tips on how to get what ought to be mine back will be appreciated.

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What Time is It?

I’ve never imagined at a history class could possibly turn into a class on philosophy. I mean sure, we’re studying the Development of Western Civilization, which includes the Greeks, but philosophy? That was a surprise.

So anyways, we started talking about time. What is time? At first we were like, what kind of a question is that? And as we thought about it, we realized that we couldn’t quite describe time. Feel free to try it yourself.

Then we went on a tangent for a little bit, discussing Einstein and Faster Than Light travel and its implications on time. As one student put it, “So I’m like ten and I do that travel thingy and then I come back I’m twenty and everyone’s dead?” I guess so.

Back onto the subject of time, we started asking other questions. What is the past? Does the past exist? Is it only a perception of the mind? If it is, does the past exist say, on Pluto, seeing as there are no humans there? What about the future? Does the future exist? Is it preplanned?

Question after question. “The unanswered life is not worth living.” Maybe so, but sometimes I think people ask one too many questions.

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