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Sorry about not writing a post for what, over two weeks?

First there was a vacation to our Canuck neighbors to the north, of which a post is currently being written.

However, that aforementioned post cannot be completed because I have been getting all traces of my video game abstinence from the last school quarter out of my system.

After that, there’s summer school. Never in my life have I seen so much homework from summer school. I’m taking Development of Western Civilization Honors. This class is designed by administrators in order to trap Asian students looking for more “Honors” classes. First off, it’s not really an honors class. It’s only “an honors class for departmental purposes”, whatever that’s supposed to mean. Then it’s the easiest honors class to get into. As long as your pass the measly requirements, you’re in – no questions asked. But the work disproportional. 92 makes an A. 91 makes a B. There is a quiz or test every single day, and we have to do these five-hour long optional notes for 1% of extra credit at the end of the term. We also have these seminars everyday where we have pretend to be knowledgeable and discuss things while sitting in a circle.

But that’s not the end of it. There’s some violin recital thing coming up, and I’m screwed. I can’t even play my solo correctly and when I combined it the piano accompaniment, well, I wouldn’t exactly call it glass shattering but it’s far from decent. And I hate rests, by the way. I’m always either too early or too late, and I never seemed able to count up to four properly, even when using my fingers.

Violin Concerto No. 3 in G Major by W.A. Mozart. I wish I could play like that – hippy look and all.

Finally, my computer crashed. It has been getting the Blue Screen of Death quite a lot lately. The failures occur more and more quickly than the last times it happened until finally, I cannot even finish reformatting my computer without getting BSoD. Of course, this could be blessing in disguise, because it may possibly get me a new computer. =]

So, please accept my apologies. And have a happy Fourth of July.


June 29, 2008 at 3:57 AM 3 comments

Canada eh!

Sorry about taking so long to write another post. I got back on the 22nd and was caught up with other things. I never thought summer school would give me as much homework as it did. So, about Canada.

the Place
When I stepped off the plane, the first thing I noticed was the smell. I can’t remember what it smelled like, but it was probably the smell of fresh air, because it was after I got back that I noticed for the first time the smog of our lovely SoCal weather.

The country, or at least the Ontario area, is somewhere between a mix of New York and London where it isn’t great, big expanses of long, green grass. I’ve never been stuck in a New York rush hour, but you DO NOT want to get trapped in traffic in Toronto. It can take ten minutes just to drive one block.

Here’s a little panorama I stitched together.

A little panorama I stiched together.

I am sorry to say that this post will be postponed indefinitely, as it has been so long that I have forgotten the details of my trip. My apologies.

June 25, 2008 at 3:26 PM 1 comment

No Greener Side

People say it’s always greener on the other side. Not really. It’s just as yellow over there as it is over here. My life is either moderately miserable or very miserable. In fact, it’s miserable so much that I’m happy when it’s only a little bit miserable. Which is why it’s hard for me to feel down for any length of time. If I fail a test, I mope, I weep, I fume, I blog. In another day or so, I’m perfectly back to status quo: plain old miserable.

School is ending. Most people should feel some kind of elation. I don’t, because I’ll be as miserable as I am now, only for a different reason.

When I’m at school, I hate the work and I want school to end. School ends. I go on vacation, and I hate the picture taking and walking and what to come home. I come home, and summer becomes quite boring, and I want school to start so I can see what little “friends” I have. School starts, I tire of the “friends”, and I want school to end. Rinse and repeat.

But don’t let my chronic misrableness get to you. It’s bad for the health. Go and do something fun that you want to have go on forever. School’s out!!!

June 12, 2008 at 7:16 AM 1 comment

A Different Kind of Graduation

It’s the end of the Chinese school year, and what’s more fitting than a giant, time-wasting ceremony to top it off?

We had to arrive thirty minutes earlier usual supposedly to get our seats. Well, I grumbled and mumbled and showed up at 8:30 in the rather early morning. We went into the auditorium and plopped down somewhere in the middle. And sat. And sat. Until 9:00, finally things started happening.

First on the agenda was the pathetic excuse for a symphony orchestra. Let’s start with the conductor. He listens to some piece of music, which is probably copyrighted by the way, and then writes out the notes. Then he does a little arranging with the final result leaving the second violins with the melody. And finally, when he conducts, he sings along! The rest of the orchestra is composed of whoever is gullible enough to participate, although there was a half decent first chair violinist, but he still needed to work on his shifts. The last first violin was a bit too timid, the second violin’s bowing out of sync, and the trumpet made some odd noises usually associated with flatulence. Their performance thankfully ended with the loud death of a bovine.

Following the orchestra was some video of the Chinese school’s university somewhere out there. The idiot manning the spotlight decided to let the beam rest on the screen, making it nearly impossible to discern what was happening. Then another idiot controlling the sound system either muted the audio and created some very inharmonious feedback.

Then came the graduates, complete in their shiny metallic ponchos that passed for a graduation robe. Pieces of paper, probably diplomas for what they’re worth, and pollen-leaking flowers were handed out to the leaving students.

When the graduates left, a special ed group of students dressed in bathrobes came on stage and began can be best described as when teacher’s pets begin experiencing a lack of drama in their lives and must thus dramatize everything. A glazed look comes over their eyes and they move in awkward, lumbering movements. When they speak, they somehow butcher the words and must move their entire heads back and forth. They are also quite gullible. One of them will shout “Look!” and point into some point above our heads and the rest of them will follow. Haha, made you look!

Then we have more awards and a slide show of a bunch of adults with their mug shots. Every so often, some of them will have their picture of Buddha. I assume that this indicates that the individual has gone to a better place where they sit on lotuses and deform their earlobes. An award was passed out for Best Improvement, which can quite easily be won by failing all your tests first semester and then “suddenly improve” in the second semester.

There was also a time when we saw the karate students strut their stuff. They did some very simple kicks and made noises that made me wonder if they didn’t practice while squatting on top of a toilet. After the constipation example, some other students showed some fighting moves which involve the enemy grunting and then standing still. I don’t want to see choreographed combat! I want to see some blood gladiator style! Finally, there was some board kicking. When the ceremony had ended, I got a chance to examine the boards. They were broken with the grain, and there was evidence of the gluing of boards together. The fracture lines were rather clean, too. Suspicious.

Then the ceremony was ended by much barbaric voodoo dancing among other things, during which the aforementioned special ed people demonstrated their lack of situational awareness. Despite having in their hand the object known as a microphone, the proceeded to shout at the top of their lungs to make themselves heard, and when they were done screaming, laid the still active microphone on the stage. And when the stage happens to contain a bunch of shuffling munchkins about to perform some silly dance, well, lets just say that it wasn’t very quiet nor pleasant.

And the end.

June 8, 2008 at 8:04 PM 1 comment

OCB Banquet

Well, today was the annual Orchestra – Colorguard – and Band Banquet. I must say that this wasn’t the most fabulous party of all time.

The horror of it all begins earlier that day with my orchestra direction instructing us that the event was “dressy casual.” Dressy casual, eh? I went to school believing that I had dressed “dressy casual.” Apparently, I hadn’t, so I had to drive home and put on a polo.

Upon arriving at school, I met a girl who exclaimed, “You’re going in that!?!” Whoops, not so good. She explained that it was “semi-formal.” There’s a world of difference between “dressy casual” and “semi-formal”; to me, they mean “casual” but not crap and dress shirt and pants, respectively. So I escorted her to the band restroom (which despite being music students isn’t as clean as normal restrooms) so that she could change into some sparkly pink dress while calling my dad to bring me my orchestra outfit seeing as I had no other “semi-formal” outfit. He wasn’t too happy – looks like this banquet was going to cost three dollars in gas.

Having decked out in the proper attire, I made my grand entrance to the banquet. Sadly, there were no trumpeters from the band to announce my presence. Oh well. Following a wait in a fairly long line, I began to near the buffet. There seemed to be some kind of pasta, a couple rolls, a salad, and some semi-melted desserts. I began to worry, for I saw no evidence of meat.

Some lady piled some weird cheese pasta onto my dish. Suspicions confirmed: no meat. Ironically, a guy farther down the line was calling out, “Vegetarian here!” That’s kind of pointless. Isn’t the whole meal vegan?

I ate my meal, picking apart the vegan mess while complaining to any who cared to listen about the lack of meat. I paid eight United States greenbacks for this! Maybe if they spent less on the DJ and more on the food we could have some meat. I need my meat three times a day+, seven days a week, twelve months a year. And that’s just the bare minimum or else m hands start shaking and my vision goes double. Then I saw some sort of wrinkly mass on my plate. Could it be? I speared it with my fork. It sure looked like chicken. I placed it in my mouth and immediately burst into tears. Meat! There was actually some sort of meat! Chicken ain’t all that great, but it’s better than nothing. After my little euphoria had subsided however, I continued to wander around and spread my sad tale of a meatless dinner.

Then it was the awards ceremony. Blah blah blah, some guy in front of us was quite the obnoxious. Kept screaming and hugging his buddies and conceitedly complimenting himself on how he made band fun, although to his credit he actually started more than one round of applauses. Simultaneously, there was some guy from percussion clapping rather loudly. It was like he was trying to make one hand go through the other or something. What was a percussionist doing here anyways? I remember quite clearly that this was an OCB Banquet; not OCBP.

On a final note, I must say that band enjoys overkilling their tradition. They have to pass down binders and unread books, give necklaces (who knows where it’s been), and so on. On the other hand, orchestra sure enjoys making ties. We have co-presidents, co-seceretaries, co-treasurers, and co-historians. Heck, we even have co-teachers.

But above all, I’ve had a wonderful time with orchestra, band, and colorguard. Just try to get more meat in the banquet next time.

June 7, 2008 at 3:43 AM 5 comments


For all my blog writing, I cannot seem to write an analytical paragraph in English Honors for moufflets.

We had ten paragraphs to write about Romeo and Juliet. Each was out of fifty points.

Paragraph #1: 37/50 – C
Oh well. I’ll do better next time.

Paragraph #2: 37/50 – C
Hmm. This stinks. Third time will be the charm.

Paragraph #3: 37/50 – C
Okay. This isn’t funny.

Paragraph #4: N/A
This was a rather good one, but apparently I forgot to turn it in to O I am Fortune’s fool. Oh well. At least I improved, right?

Paragraph #5: 37/50 – C
What the hey! I didn’t improve at all! You’re kidding me! What the bloody hey do you mean by analyzed? What’s there to analyze! And it’s not speculating. It’s flipping obvious. Anyone with the tiniest shred of common sense would be able to tell! Are you so stupid that I have to explain!

Paragraph #6: 40/50 – B
Well that’s a change. Maybe I’ll get an A next time. B’s aren’t good enough for me.

Paragraph #7: 37/50 – C
This is getting really discouraging. I tried really, really hard not to speculate and analyzed and explained everything, or so I thought. Maybe the teacher has something against me. Everyone else is doing better. Maybe I really am a failure.

Paragraph #8: 39/50 – C
We wrote this one in class, and the teacher graded easier. Some people said a lot easier. Well, gee that makes me feel a lot better. On the other hand, I did write something that usually takes over a day in less than an hour. We have to self analyze this. It’s probably officially hopeless now. No way of pulling off an A this semester. And to think I actually went against my motto of being efficient for these stupid things. More depression…woe is me…

Paragraph #9: 41/50 – B
I have come across a very important discovery. English paragraphs do not follow the laws of physics!. The Law of Conservation of Energy states that energy is neither created nor destroyed. When doing work, the energy you put into it is turned into a state of energy known as a grade. The more energy applied the greater the grade. However, where English is concerned, even if you put a very large amount of energy into a paragraph, you still end up with a rather low grade. I spent a quarter of an Earth rotation only to get a B minus!

Paragraph #10: 40/50 – B
Conclusive evidence that English defy physics. I stayed up until twelve o’clock in order to write 356 words, and I only get an eighty percent!?! This is ridiculous!

Bet even Shakespeare himself couldn’t write a story of more woe than the one I’m facing right now. On the other hand, he did cause my piteous overthrows.

June 7, 2008 at 2:21 AM 2 comments


Shortly after being diagnosed with Selective Memory Loss, I discovered I had fineritis.

What is Fineritis?
Fineritis (fin-ne-RY-tis) is a disease related to senioritis. It’s nomenclature includes the Greek root fin, which means end. Accordingly, fineritis a condition that afflicts people towards the end of things, such as the end of a school year, causing them to be rather lazy and carefree. Although not as serious as senioritis, fineritis can still be quite hazardous to one’s grade, especially before the finals.

What Causes Fineritis?
The causes of fineritis is psychological. There are neurologicists out there trying to delve deeper into the mystery of fineritis, but upon nearing the completion of their research, have acquired the disease itself and now feel a disinclination to publish their studies. Although fineritis can occur at anytime of the year and for any number of reasons, there seems to be some kind of change right around the first half of June that creates a sudden burst of fineritis cases. Fineritis is highly contagious, but for it’s benigness the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has yet to issue orders for quarantine of fineritis victims.

Symptoms & Diagnosis
The first signs of fineritis are very hard to detect as it is just being a little more lazy than usual. Then it develops into a feeling of being jaded, and finally a very high unwillingness to do anything at all. Fineritis reaches its worst stage when the procrastination takes up more than 50% of work time.

Fineritis, like Selective Memory Loss, can be treated by consumption of meat and by staying away from foods containing soy. Comfort foods such as ice cream and chocolate will help as well. Self-discipline is also effective.

Fineritis is nonlethal, and when the factor inducing fineritis has passed, then the symptoms will fade.

June 6, 2008 at 2:20 PM 3 comments

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