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Best Burger on Earth

Today, I went to Carl’s Junior for lunch. Like a good Asian family, we were never going to buy anything full priced if we could help it, so of course we brought along a couple coupons.

Anticipating some version of the McDonald’s incident, we split up our orders, hoping that the cashier wouldn’t notice that we were part of a group.

After my dad had purchased his order, I was next in line. I presented my “$1.00 OFF the Original Six Dollar Burger” coupon and placed an order for a sandwich only, because only non-Asians would ever buy a combo meal and get rip offed for some syrup in carbonated water and puffed up potatoes.

The guy behind the counter rings up my order and then hands me back the coupon, “Use it again?”

Did he just say “Use it again?” I was shocked. I looked up and the guy was looking at me with a raised eyebrow, holding out the coupon, my receipt, and my change.

“No, that’s all right; besides, it expires tomorrow.”

“It’s ok, take it.”

I take it. Unbelievable. Now this is the customer service I’m talking about. If every restaurant was like this, the world would be a much better place to live in.

But that’s not even what this post is about.

This post is about the Six Dollar Burger, what has to be one of the greatest burgers on Planet Earth.

My friend Turkeyface and I once went to a Carl’s Jr. after school. We ordered the Original Six Dollar burger. When it came, we greedily opened the box. Inside was the tallest creation of edible joy I had ever seen. We reverently picked up the burger and brought it up to our mouths to take our First Bite.

We opened our jaws and brought them around the burger, but then we encountered a problem. The burger was so big that we simply couldn’t fit sandwich in our mouths. What to do? We could try to dislocate our jaws like snakes do, or we could take a fork and knife and carve up the burger into more manageable pieces. Finally, we decided to take our most of the lettuce, because we figured that it would have the least impact on our experience.

Finally, we were able to take the First Bite. Our incisors cut their way through three inches of food; buns, patty, and greens alike.

The meat, the entire half inch of it, was great! Tyrannosaurus rexes all over the world were probably turning over in their graves as I savored the massive slab of charbroiled pleasure. This burger would actually have made the original Carl’s Junior’s commercial make sense, with the dripping ketchup and everything. The thing was messy; we needed like a quarter of the napkin dispenser.

I’ve yet to see the world, but this burger trumps all. My only regret was that we ordered the combo meal.

What a waste.

Only from Carl's Junior

P.S.: The Portabello ‘shroom burger ain’t half bad, either, and the only burgers I’m eating from McDonald’s ever again are its Third Pounders. Big Macs aren’t that big anymore.

P.S.S.: In-n-Out makes the best normal burgers.

Another Six Dollar Burger experience.


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