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Moufflets: a History

Moufflets. It’s French for muffins.

My English teacher once called our class that. Then someone decided, “No, we’re cupcakes.” Then our A.D.D. riddled class descended into a discussion about small hand-sized cakes that are generally cylindrical and have rounded conical tops, with our without frosting.

But why did I pick Moufflets? Well, it’s a long story, you see. I was going to pick something like, “My two bits”, or something along the lines, but apparently the domain names were taken. I would have been fine, but as it happens, the author of the blog first post was on November 12, 2003. Incidentally, it was also his last post. His post:

Here I am, world. My name’s Mark, and this is my first blog. I’m 30 years old, and am currently in Oklahoma, U.S.A., as a United States Army soldier. I’m one of those people who annoys (only slightly) those around me by having the need to share whatever’s on my mind. Welcome to the club. Enjoy your stay.

Well, now he’s 35 years old, and he’s annoying me (more than slightly) by having the need to share whatever is on his mind by taking up a perfectly good domain name. Other names such as “My two cents”, was also taken.

“My two cents” did a little better than Mark over there at “My Two Bits”. He made four posts, last one being in 2001; seven years and a day before I made my Moufflets blog. Interestingly, one of his four posts said, “I hate blogger!!!”. So get off blogger and gimme your domain name, thank you very much. On the other hand, those names now sound a bit corny. I think moufflets was the best choice afterall.

So that concludes the history of the naming of this blog, which incidentally is not the main topic of this blog.


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Whitley Strieber – 2012: the War for Souls

I have decided to include book reviews on my blog, so now you have something practical to look forward to amongst my random and inflammatory posts. Of course, the books I read are not necessarily practical books themselves.

Today’s special:

2012: the War for Souls
Written by Whitley Strieber
Genre: Science Fiction
Published by Tor Books
ISBN: 978-0-7653-1896-1

The Mayans predicted that on December 21, 2012, the world would end, or least the human part of it. Well, in this book, fourteen sacred sites around the world (such as the Great Pyramids and Easter Island among them), are blown up and replaced by black lens. These black lens emit mysterious orange balls of light which go about zapping people’s souls out of them. Then devil babies collect the souls to sell to themselves and stuff. There’s a parallel universe in which a guy named Wylie Dale is writing a book called 2012 which is about what happens in the book and no matter what he does he cannot erase 2012. Anyways, in the other parallel universe, which has two small moons and is where all the chaos is taking place, whatever Wylie Dale rights happens. Then there’s all this mumble jumble about looking into your soul and such and the good guys win in the end.

Rating: 7 / 10

This book is really quite confusing. It flips between two parallel universes, and which one the story really takes place in is quite hard to understand. That’s mostly all of the bad, but it counts for a lot. There’s nice weaving in of mythical figures, and the story gets really fast paced and exciting towards the end, especially since you get used to the flip flopping between universes by then. The story also dips into the subtleties of human consciousness and soul-science, which is rather unique.

I would recommend this book only if you’re willing to withstand the rigors of its twisting plot, but wish to get rewarded later on. But if you’re looking for something about the end of the world, I would recommend Domain by Steve Alten. Same great integration of ancient and magical creatures, but with none of the confusion. Steve Alten’s sequel is also recommended, as it goes into the paradox of time loops.

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