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Inhuman or Superhuman?

Look closely at the person sitting next to you?

It’s possible that he or she is a robot in disguise. But how can they be?

Are they not a little to perfect, too beautiful, too smart even though they don’t perform a perpetual robot dance and they don’t speak monotonously?

Don’t be fooled, that was then. With today’s technology, it wouldn’t be too hard for someone with the right tools to create a computer that could pass the Turing test, a test to see whether or not a human could tell if a computer speaker is human, and took and act like a human.

I have a friend like that*. She gets straight A’s, is Speech and Debate among other things, and plays the violin like a pro. In seventh grade, I finally realized that she wasn’t human. No real human could do that all that and still have a life. And so I confronted her/it about it, but all she would do is get mad at me in a very human way and perhaps whack me in a very human sign of mock anger. The first time she whacked me I braced myself in case her super/inhuman strength would send me flying through the wall. Apparently, this robot model is aware of its strength and can restrain itself; a step up from the blunt T-80 models Skynet used to send back in time. In any case, she wouldn’t admit that she wasn’t truly one of us.

Robots are sure good keepers of secrets.


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